fun akiba’s trip undead & undressed

Fun Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed

Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed is a unique and fun action-adventure game that takes place in the famous Akihabara district of Tokyo. In this game, players take on the role of a young man who must fight against vampire-like creatures known as Synthisters. The game combines elements of beat ’em up combat with a quirky and humorous storyline, making it a truly entertaining experience for players.

The Storyline

The game follows the story of a young man who is attacked by a group of Synthisters and turned into one of them. He is rescued by a mysterious girl named Shizuku, who informs him that the only way to defeat the Synthisters is by exposing them to sunlight. Together, they must roam the streets of Akihabara and battle against the Synthisters in order to save the district from their reign of terror.


Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed features fast-paced combat where players must strategically strip their enemies of their clothes in order to weaken them. Players can target specific articles of clothing such as shirts, pants, and accessories, and successfully stripping an enemy will leave them vulnerable to attacks. In addition to combat, players can also explore the vibrant streets of Akihabara, interact with NPCs, and complete side quests.

Character Customization

One of the key features of the game is the ability to customize the protagonist’s appearance with a wide range of clothing and accessories. Players can mix and match different outfits to create a unique look for their character, allowing for a personalized gaming experience. Additionally, players can acquire new clothing items by defeating enemies, completing quests, or purchasing them from in-game stores.

Humor and Dialogue

Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed is known for its quirky sense of humor and witty dialogue. The game features a cast of eccentric characters who provide entertaining interactions and humorous banter throughout the gameplay. From pop culture references to clever one-liners, the game’s dialogue is sure to keep players entertained as they progress through the story.


Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed is a fun and engaging game that offers a unique blend of action, humor, and character customization. With its colorful cast of characters, fast-paced combat, and vibrant setting, the game provides an enjoyable experience for players looking for something different. Whether you’re a fan of beat ’em up games or just looking for a game with a sense of humor, Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed is definitely worth checking out.

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